Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Joseph: Beyond the Coat of Many Colors

Thanks to all of you who listened to my radio interview last week. I got lots of positive emails.

As some of you many know, I'm writing an eight week Bible study on the life of the Old Testament character Joseph for AMG publishers (I don't have a release date yet, but will let you know). I think many of us know the story so well that we miss some important points that are so very applicable to our own lives. We think of Joseph from a Sunday School perspective - the coat, the pit, slavery, and the rise to vizier (prime minister) of Egypt. But there are so many exciting and fascinating details that are missed.

During the next few months, I want to blog with you about Joseph. Let's share thoughts and ideas.

Joseph was the eleventh son of twelve boys and one girl. His father Jacob had two wives who were sisters and two concubines (lesser wives). He had children by all four women. What do you think it was like growing up in that family?

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