Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Are you directionally-challenged like me? I love to drive, but when I travel I need a map, my GPS, written directions from Mapquest, and any landmarks that may be helpful. I even need directions on short jaunts around town. I just came back from driving nearly 1,600 miles, mostly by myself, and I didn't get lost even once! But I had good directions.

All this traveling made me think of the verse in Proverbs 23:10, "Do not remove the ancient landmarks." What kind of landmarks am I leaving for those who come after me? My children, grandchildren, even friends? Do I leave landmarks by my words or actions that may cause someone to go astray or get lost? Or are the landmarks I leave pointing them to wisdom, joy, love, peace, and Jesus? Does my life give good directions to others?

How about you?

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Unknown said...

I, too, am really "spacially challenged." However, if you give me a map and a place to begin, I can get almost anywhere. It seems to me that in my spiritual life, Christ provides that beginning point and the Word is my map. If there is doubt, I can get direction from the Spirit. Of course, I do take wrong turns from time to time, but some prayer helps me get back on track.

Buzz Nofal said...

Great reminder Mary. Thanks for the challenge and nice to know there others who are spacially and directinally challenged like me!